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Windows 7 Manager

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Windows 7 Manager

Mesazh nga Peace to you prej Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:22 pm

Windows 7 Manager 1.1.8 Final x86-x64 (2010)

Windows 7 Manager 1.1.8 FinalDepartment of Windows 7 is Vista and the analog WINXP upgrade only management of the new operating system from Microsoft. Program is simple, and package development and improvement of a suitable system which provides detailed information about the system. There are opportunities ideal for cleaning application files, records, and much more. Works quickly and efficiently, so popular

system requirements:
.windows xp/vista
.direcx 9c
.1 GHZ
.128 mb ram
Resolution: 800x600 fullscreen/windowed

Download: 9.6 mb


Peace to you
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